Percy created this amazing ice sculpture for Hard Rock Cafe London. They were holding a fashion event called #hrcshowcase2019 and needed an eye catching sculpture with the wow factor as a backdrop for the evening.

So, keeping in with the rock/musical theme but staying classic we made a vinyl record – complete with full colour logo in the centre. PSD Ice Art specialise in colour logos and you can see how well this has worked on this particular sculpture.

You can also take a look at the ice sculpture in action on Hard Rock Cafe’s instagram highlights here.

It was a fun-filled and lively event…especially with the excellent ‘Bang Bang Romeo’ (they were supporting P!nk on her latest tour) in session to get everyone singing and dancing.

As you can see the ice sculpture also had a twin luge channel either side for double the fun – we bet heads were spinning the next day…

hard rock cafe vinyl ice sculpture luge

hard rock cafe

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