We’re expanding…again!

Ice sculptures actually take up quite a bit of freezer space. It’s a bit like your freezer at home – manoeuvring your fish fingers and peas in neatly without squashing your Yorkshire puddings (ha ha or is that just us?!)

But our studio freezers are a little bit bigger and we only put peas in there occasionally.  Mostly it’s giant fillets of fish or seafood to go in to the ice sculptures themselves.

Last year we installed two new 40ft freezers to accommodate the increase in demand for larger and more complex ice sculptures that our clients are ordering.

Plus, we needed lots more space to store the ice sculptures and ice blocks for the walls for the new Belowzero Ice Bar theme ‘London Land’. That’s without the room we need for the thousands and thousands of ice shot glasses we make and store every week.

In case you didn’t know, PSD were the first British ice sculpting company to be chosen to design, sculpt, install and maintain the Belowzero Ice Bar in London – and we are so proud to announce that we’ll be doing it all again for 2019 when the brand new theme is installed this May.

We can’t wait to share the bar concept with you it’s going to be incredible, so stay tuned for news on this – but for now its safely under bubble wrap.

So…..this month we’re building yet another new freezer.  We have four now.  Here are some ‘in progress’ shots to show you what has been happening right here at the PSD Ice Art Studio…..

PSD Ice Art New Freezer

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