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A 40th birthday is a time to go all out on the celebrations and that’s exactly what happened at a recent party we were asked to help with.

Our client, Whitepaper Event, styled a beautiful Alpine themed party for their client. The party venue was completely transformed in to a winter wonderland – complete with big, brown grizzly bears, a traditional après ski style bar and snowy fir trees.

A birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a few party games and we loved seeing the photos of the guests playing ‘Ski, Shot, Limbo’ – also known as Shotski – whereby shots of alcohol are balanced or placed in holes in the ski and you drink the shot with your friends, tipped from the ski itself. This time it looked like a little limbo was added in for extra fun…difficult to do at the best of times without feeling wobbly from the shots we imagine!

Percy was asked to carve a true likeness of the birthday boy – live – at the party. He carved, chipped and sculpted this brilliant likeness;


The ice carving was a total success on Saturday, everyone loved it!!! Huge thank you!

Hope to work with you again soon :). 

Whitepaper Event

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