Did you watch Oxford Street 24/7 at Christmas?

A festive four-part series on Channel 5, Oxford Street 24/7 playfully documents the life and times of the people who keep one of London’s most popular shopping areas going, in the busiest period of the year.

The PSD team were featured on the show, as part of our work with Icebar London in Heddon Street in London.

PSD Ice Art designed, built, installed and now maintain the whole ice bar – the theme of which is called #LondonLand.

Take a look at our Icebar London page if you want to know more about what we do there. It’s a brilliant place to visit if you haven’t been before, so get booked in to see it before the theme gets updated in May 2019 (it’s going to be AMAZING).

Anyway back to the programme….Percy and his team were shown at various points in the show, changing over the Trafalgar Square Lion ice sculpture in the bar – dismantling the original and replacing with a fresh new Lion.

Here’s a short video showing you round the bar, just until you catch up with the show itself on Channel 5.


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