When we first saw this hashtag we thought ‘yeesss!’ as #BCHday means Happy Beach Day, right?

We were just about to scuttle off to pack our rattan beach mat, parasol, drinks cooler and go-go-go with our instagram filters at the ready, when we realised our slipup.

It actually means ‘Happy Bitcoin Cash Day’.

It’s now a rather special day in the digital currency world, widely celebrated by folks who love this cryptocurrency (1 August 2018 marked its first anniversary).

Our job was to make the Bitcoin Cash logo look cooler than your average currency, for a spectacular event in London on this auspicious day #BitcoinRebirth.

Not cold hard cash, but something similar.

And here it is….the Bitcoin Cash ice sculpture – resplendent with double ice luges at either side. 

Take a look at some more of our ice luge designs here >

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