We’ve all been there haven’t we?

A night out on the razzle-dazzle, the party is in full swing, when someone shouts ‘LETS DO JAGER-BOMBS!’

Sound all too familiar? Or possibly a hazy memory….

Anyway, prepare to be shocked and amazed, as this isn’t really how you’re supposed to drink (and enjoy) Jagermeister.

The best way is to chill it to -18 degrees i.e. keep it in your freezer, and drink it as a shot ‘on its own’ so to speak – no bombing here please! Who knew?!

Chill your shot glasses too. Jagermeister recommend using really chunky shot glasses for the ultimate experience.

There’s 56 ingredients in this mysterious herbal liqueur and #jagericecold couldn’t be more welcome (or better timed) at the moment with our lovely heatwave.

So, to celebrate and appreciate Jagermeister as a complex drink to be supped ice cold, the PSD ice team were tasked with freezing bottles of Jagermeister in to ice blocks. We also added in shot glasses and lots of gorgeous aromatics like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and orange peel.

We delivered the ice sculpture to Jagermeister UK’s event at Roof East in Stratford, London. We really like this venue, it’s a fun and relaxing rooftop bar that has a festival vibe to it. The perfect setting to chill out.

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