This summer, we are absolutely positive that you’ll be mixing, shaking and straining a delicious cocktail or two.

So whether you’re a busy-bee organising an extravagant party or event, or simply chilling at home or with friends, we’ve got something fabulously snazzy for your drinks.

Yes folks, it’s time to properly introduce you to our divine Cocktail Ice Discs…yes…we know!!

To enable you to fully relax, impress not only yourself but your guests as well, adorn your favourite cocktail with the latest must-have ice cool accessory.

We are one of the very few if not the only ice company in the UK to offer this service. We can create your initials, a short name or any unique design on the ice disc. Even a simplified version of a logo or product/brand can be carved in to the disc.

Add a dash of your own unique style and design your own personalised ice discs or we can help you with ideas. Prices start from £1 for each ice disc and a minimum order of £125 applies.

Put us to the test we love a challenge – we’ve crafted tennis rackets, Halloween and Christmas/Winter themed discs as well as really effective logos like the ones for Audi.

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