Without a doubt, music and food festivals have become intrinsically woven into British culture.

The bubbles of excitement and anticipation build as you join the throng of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people who are singing (sometimes out of tune but who cares) and enjoying themselves (definitely) – it can’t be beaten.

Even if you‘re not a fan of say, the potential mud and rain at Glastonbury, there’s a festival for everyone whether you’re a music lover or foodie; from the likes of the funky ‘Love Supreme’ in Sussex to family festivals on the Isle of Wight to full-on hard core partying at Creamfields.

Now we don’t know about you, but for us it’s about the welcome scent of fresh grass at the outdoor events and really just being outside – shaking off the stiffness of our week at work. With a chance to stretch out and relax our minds as well as our dress code too (gotta love a bit of boho chic!).

As you know, July, August and September is ‘festival central’ in the UK….and therefore crazy busy for us. Our team supply ice cubes and crushed ice to the main outdoor events, music and food festivals and country fairs around the South East.

Our large 12kg bags are delivered in our freezer van, direct to our client’s exhibition or catering stand, event or party. We even offer timed delivery slots to ensure that the cold stuff arrives at the exact time it’s needed.

This means happy and super chilled festival goers – result!

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