It’s official – the wedding season has taken off in impressive style!

By the way, we’re not referring solely to the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton’s wedding, which took place on Saturday. Apparently the best man’s speech was a little ‘lewd’ according to the press.

For us though, this weekend was all about one couple’s special day. The PSD Ice Art team were misty-eyed and getting all dreamy about John and Richard who got hitched on Saturday too.

Our ice designer created a stunning rose-filled ice sculpture, complete with ‘Groom & Groom’ ice statues and a blooming ice flower arch. We used three blocks for this sculpture, and filled the arch with beautiful cream flowers to match their theme.

….and here is a photo of the wedding ice display in-situ, so you can take a look at the finished sculpture. As you can see it’s slightly frosted – this happens when the ice comes out of the freezer and will disappear – the ice then becomes clear.

Groom and Groom Wedding Arch Ice Sculpture

Don’t forget – if you’re running out of time and could do with some help sourcing flowers (we know what it’s like) then let us know and we can organise the blooms to go into your ice sculpture.

Plus, it’s also possible to pay for larger wedding ice sculptures in installments, to help brides and grooms manage their wedding budget more effectively.

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