This has to be the most luxurious and elegant baby shower we have ever seen. Perfection doesn’t do it justice – quite simply it’s refinement on a new scale.

We are all in complete awe of our client, Whitepaper Event, as everything they design is completely original, has a unique sense of style and is oh so creative. So as you can imagine we were incredibly excited to be involved in this recent commission, like expectant mothers ourselves no less.

However, we should have realised exactly how fabulous it would be, when we were told where the event was taking place. If you haven’t heard of  the astounding Arts Club in Dover Street before we can reliably inform you that it is one of London’s (if not THE) most exclusive club. This is a place that cannot fail to make a lasting impression.

Our Ice Team worked with Creative Director Aron Schlagman at Whitepaper Event to create an original ice sculpture in the shape of a baby’s bottle. It was designed with a personal inscription – ‘keep calm a second baby is on its way’ – and if you look closely you’ll see the outline of not one but two dummies inside the ice bottle. I think it is safe to assume that twins are due!

Here’s the sculpture just after ‘delivery’ (of the sculpture not the babies!). It starts off looking frosty and opaque as it’s been in our freezer….. 

Baby Bottle Ice Sculpture - Frosted

…and then starts to adjust to the indoor temperature and becomes beautifully clear.

Baby Bottle with Dummies Ice Sculpture by PSD Ice Art

As you can see from Whitepaper Event’s facebook post showing the layout of the baby shower it’s gorgeous…we were shamelessly drooling!

Whitepaper Event FB Baby Shower

Aron at Whitepaper Event said to us “….. the sculpture was a big hit. Thank you for your work on it and advice and guidance along the way.”

Take a look at – you won’t fail to be inspired.

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