Differentiating your brand in a competitive market whilst staying true to your culture and values AND being original at the same time is tough work.

We are all looking for that special something to ignite passion and curiosity in new customers, whilst carefully maintaining loyalty and generating admiration with brand advocates.

So when the luxury beauty brand Aesop approached us and asked for help we knew what to do.

Aesop has just launched its new Pettigrain Reviving Body Gel, which is ideal for use after sun exposure, so it was essential to design a sculpture that communicated the soothing and calming properties of the product.

The solution was to expertly ‘freeze-in’ bottles of the body gel into a series of pure ice blocks to showcase the product in an elegant and interesting way, whilst also providing a visual reference to the desired effects of the ingredients in the product.

The ice sculpture was installed at Aesop Shoreditch, so you may have seen photos on social media or in real life if you’re a fan and visited the store recently. It really got people’s attention and suited the design of the retail outlets with its crisp, clear and minimalistic lines.

Freezing-in products in to ice is a fantastic promotional tool to get your product or brand noticed. As well as beauty products we’ve also frozen in all manner of things from designer handbags and shoes to books and expensive camera’s. There really isn’t much we can’t freeze – even Heidi Klum has been frozen in ice!

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