Our talented team of ice sculptors were commissioned by fellow Gatwick Diamond Business Association member ‘Event by Event’, to create a unique ice sculpture for an exclusive event taking place in London recently.

Event by Event’s client, National Media, were proudly rejoicing the end of ‘dry January’ by opting to get straight back in to full-on party mode with what is infamously known as the ‘National Retox’.

We worked closely with Alice Wingate of Event by Event to create something spectacular that would befit such an evening, as well as entertaining and enlivening the guests who were bravely moving from detox to retox.

The result was the epitome of rock ‘n roll, brilliantly styled on the iconic tongue and lips of the Rolling Stones.  The National Media logo was the centre of attention, as the ice was cleverly lit up with a bright red lamp to accent the brand as well as the rock ‘n roll theming of the venue. Plus each pair of luscious lips also aptly doubled up as an ice luge for party revellers to drink vodka from.

Judging by the social media activity the following day, the luge left a lasting impression on the revelers. We think the ice sculpture will have definitely lasted longer than they did!

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