Our Ice Artists were distracted to say the least, when we were asked to freeze the beautiful supermodel Heidi Klum, in ice, for a special shoot with the infamous British photographer Rankin.

Less is More’ is an exhibition of Rankin’s work at the Kunstalle Rostock in Germany, and where this photo of Heidi is displayed. Rankin’s objective is ..’to put people face to face with photography, to stop them in their tracks , to get them thinking’ and this image of Heidi will certainly guarantee that! 

We carefully created two versions of this ice block using a sealed photograph of Heidi to protect it from the ice. Yes – it was actually a photograph – as we’ve seen it reported in the media that some people thought it was Heidi herself frozen in to the ice! Our team carefully delivered the ice block photo to a secret shoot location in the depths of Hampstead Heath, which makes the overall effect more powerful by being placed in natural setting. It adds to the sense of Heidi’s vulnerability and purity of the ice.

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