Following the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference to address global carbon emissions in Paris in December, Bloomberg Business approached us with a special request. 

They needed their climate change video to have an instantly recognisable and intuitive visual reference to illustrate the key points made at the conference.

The solution was a replica of Earth, created as a perfect sphere of ice. It measured 50cm in diameter, weighed approximately 35kgs and took our creative team about 2 days to build from initial designs to the finish product. Bloomberg requested specific continents to be portrayed on the earth to tie in with the relevant headlines in the news report, so our sculptors carved the countries by hand, directly in the ice. They then partly filled them with snow so that they would show up beautifully on screen.          

We delivered directly to the shoot location, whereby the production team slowly melted the ice to show the effects of climate change in action, and filmed the effects on the ice globe.  They only had one sculpture to work with, so once they had completed filming it in its perfect state, there was no going back, as the ice started to melt with dramatic effect.

A melting world is something we can all relate to and when shown so impressively it’s difficult not to be worried about the dramatic effect our actions place on the planet.

The video, which was filmed in November 2015, is well worth a watch just to see why the Paris conference was so important for our future.

See our ice globe and hear what Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson has to say in this special report >>

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