Serving and drinking cider over ice is now a recognised convention with the British public and the clever branding team at Clifford French used this to great effect when creating a campaign for their client, Somersby Cider.

Somersby Cider have recently launched two new fruit flavours so the campaign needed to get the attention of key target audiences and ideally start a conversation about the new additions to the range.

We worked very closely with Clifford French to develop eight ice blocks, each measuring 20x20x30cm, all individually carved with a specific logo. We invited them in to our ice studio to photograph and film the ice blocks being made so that they could capture the process as part of the whole experience. Once the blocks were completed four bottles of Somersby Cider were then delivered to each selected VIP set on top of a personalised giant ice cube.

Everyone loves a surprise especially one that involves ice and cider being delivered to your door. So imagine the happy faces of the teams at Elle, Glamour, Closer, Grazia and New! magazines, as well as the creators of selected lifestyle blogs, when they received Somersby’s extra cool and refreshing gift. 

Take a look at the appreciative tweets below to see their real-time reactions.

All this talk of new delicious fruity cider has made us thirsty …….and as we’re not short of ice here at PSD Ice Art, we’re off to try them for ourselves!

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