One Wednesday morning in early July we received a call from the producers at ITV asking if we could help them do something on the This Morning show with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. The theme was to help cure a lady who had a long deep phobia of snow and ice following an accident where she had slipped 29 years earlier whilst pregnant.

The show was to be broadcast live on the Friday and the internationally renowned therapists, Nik and Eva Speakman were going to be her counsellors.
We put several ideas forward but the one they particularly liked was our suggestion of completely surrounding her with ice as though in a box.

 We had very little time to work with and the people at ITV were keen to get something approved quickly and within budget. Finally at 8pm that evening following a series of phone calls between us and the production team ironing out the finer details we were finally given the go ahead. The remit was to build a 3-sided box 1.8m high with a hole cut at the front at head height for Wendy (the lady with the phobia) to look through.

Thursday was already busy and the team worked long into the night. By 1.30 am it was finished, wrapped and ready to go. After grabbing a few hours sleep the team moved off again at 4am for a 6am arrival time at the ITV studios.

Tools unloaded they were taken straight onto the set and shown where the sculpture was to be constructed. Two hours later the box was complete. The studio lights were turned down to keep it as cool as possible and a screen drawn across it so that no-one would see it before the real event.

The team were then taken to a holding room where they were offered refreshments while the show was on air. Wendy was also going to be waiting there with them so they were asked to not to discuss it. She really was completely terrified but Nik and Eva were able to work their magic behind the scenes and within an hour she was able to step boldly into the box on telly in front of a studio full of guests!

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